Pre-Purchase Inspections


A comprehensive service is offered including advice on purchase of the vessel. We believe the difference between a good ship and a ‘great’ ship is the ability of the ship to consistently meet the demands of the shipping industry. Our experts have the knowledge and skills to evaluate the ships condition and provide a larger picture based on facts to the concerned parties.


A complete assessment is made of the vessel with special emphasis on the following points:-

  • The Hull, Deck areas, superstructure and accommodation.
  • Main Engine / Aux Eng and associated machinery.
  • The condition of mooring equipment and onboard safety equipment.
  • The cargo handling system including inert gas plant, LPG compressor rooms and associated machinery, electrical equipment and instrumentation.
  • The Wheelhouse equipment i.e. Navigation and radio equipment.
  • Checking of the vessels spare outfit and spare gear.
  • The standard and status of vessel’s maintenance.
  • The cargo and ballast tanks, service tanks and void spaces are inspected whenever possible.
  • To enable the prospective buyer to fully assess the overall condition of the subject vessel and
  • evaluate its costs, we have to provide him with a comprehensive report by physical inspection of the vessel
  • including associated onboard and classification records.
  • With our qualified team we ensure that every buyer meets his goal of pinning down on a great ship.

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